About me & my small business

Hello, my name is Celine. I'm 25 years old and live in a small town in Belgium. Together with my boyfriend and two dogs, I'm currently in the midst of building our dream home and my dream atelier space. You can describe me as a true girly-girl that loves pretty clothes, collecting handmade bears, illustrated books & much more - but at the same time I also don't mind getting my hands & clothes dirty. I'm always up to an adventure and trying out new things, which hopefully reflects in my work. Ever since I was young I've been a creative soul. I've been drawing since I can remember and am always searching for more ways to express my creativity. I've also always loved animals and nature - they are my biggest sources inspiration and one of my greatest joys in life. Together with my boyfriend, I often go birdspotting or do specific nature walks to see rare flowers or wild animals. 


In 2020 I started making creations with butterflies and dried flowers after following a few workshops.

Since 2021 I also added taxidermy to my set of skills - making all creations just as romantic & schabby-chic themed as my other ones.

At the start of 2022 I decided to make Atelier Petit Papillon into a real business. It was a big and scary step, followed by a lot of ups and downs - but I am proud of the business I run and the creations I make. I also love chatting with my customers - offline as well as online - and therefore really enjoy to attend a variety of events as well. Definitely check out my event-page to see which one's I'll be attending this year.

This year, at the end of May 2024, I started a tattoo apprenticeship at Le Flux in Tilburg under the guidance of Lyn from Yodatattoos! Follow me on my Instagram to stay updated and follow me along my journey into the tattoo world!

For now, feel free to take a look at my portfolio or on one if my social media pages and dream on into my romantic world! 


Experience & Education

• Kunsthumaniora Hasselt / 2013 - 2018

• Workshop insect taxidermy / Nature Deco / 2020

• Workshop butterfly taxidermy / Nature Deco / 2020

• Workshop dome & hoop with dried flowers / Mondeoflowers / 2020

• Workshop bird taxidermy / Daniëlle Frenken / 2021

• Workshop fox taxidermy / Sanne Steenbakkers / 2021

• Workshop genet cat taxidermy / Sanne Steenbakkers / 2021

• Taxidermy Apprenticeship at "Erkend Preparateur Sanne" / 2021 - 2023

• Tattoo Apprenticeship at "Le Flux" with Lyn from "Yodatattoo" as my mentor / 2024 - now


Non-cruelty & sustainably sourced

My company lives by a "non-cruelty" rule whereby I want to guarantee my customers that the purchased creations have not experienced any form of animal abuse or suffering.